This non stick pan is amazing!

For a Teflon pan this thing is AMAZING! I prefer cast iron or carbon steel for my non stick cooking needs since I don’t want to be replacing pans every six months but I decided to try this pan anyway and was blown away at the durability. I abuse Teflon yet this pan seems to enjoy beatings. It faces it’s eggs with a smug attitude welcoming the challenge. It can sit in filth and yet allow the removal of any unwanted scraps left on it with ease.

best nonstick pan

Even if you try to burn food on it to challenge it’s ability it seems to have magical powers of resistance. Nothing sticks. It overcomes what many have not been able to face. This thing is a rock star of Teflon pans. I wouldn’t be surprised if one morning I came into the kitchen and it had laid a golden egg for me to cook. It’s that impressive. But alas, I will stick to my cast iron and carbon steel for my non-stick needs due to the fact that they dont carry the magical chemicals that provide this pan with its powers. I will keep it though, for when it lays that golden egg.. – ELLE