Calphalon: The pans are good!

calphalon cookwareThe pans are good! Calphalon is a good brand, and they look well made and are acceptably heavy (too heavy is a burden, but the light pans warp and are hard to control temperature-wise). I don’t know about durability, having just bought them. However, other reviewers have noted that the pans slide around and scratch or make marks on each other. This is true, and nobody did anything about it. The manufacturer’s cardboard packaging is a sort of holster in which the 2 pans just sit, one on top of the other, with no protection at all.

What is ironic is that Amazon put the manufacturer’s package in a box that is too large, and stuffed the box too loosely with twisted brown paper padding. If only a loop of that padding had been inserted between the 2 pans through the available opening, the entire problem would have been solved. My pans arrived with marks on them but it is too much trouble for me to try to fix this, I will just live with it.


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