Buying a new cookware

A very common question that people ask when first setting up their new kitchen or buying new cookware is “should I buy a cookware set or single pots and pans”? This can be a little difficult to answer as the answer will come down to many different aspects, such as:

  • Your cooking style
  • Budget
  • Current requirements

Sometimes, depending on what you already own, it may work out cheaper and better to buy a full set if you want to replace the current items or upgrade. However if you have some good pots and pans it could be an option to just buy single pots or frying pans over a period of time.

You really need to think about some of the following things


What Do You Already Own?

If you are just moving out of home for the first time or moved from overseas etc, it may be a great option, and cheaper to buy a cookware set. Overall, a full cookware set offer better value for money over purchasing the pots and pans individually, and will provide you with the basics to get you on your way to building up your cookware collection.

However, maybe you are upgrading your cookware set or most of it is in good conditions, then obviously purchasing a single fry pan or pot is the best option. The same applies if you are on a restrictive budget or cook only a few times a week, then single is the way to go.

What is Your Budget?

If you have little money to spare or are short of cash temporarily then buying individual best quality cookware pieces individually should see you through and help you build up your cookware set. Buying individually though should be done with some care. Choose your pots or pans carefully based on the way you cook. A simple saucepan has many uses, couple that with a stock pot or skillet and you are ready to cook nearly anything!

How Do You Cook?

Are you a basic cook that cook nearly anything with just a fry pan or saucepan? Maybe you have a family and need a decent sized cookware set to prepare you evening meals for everyone. If you are a family a set is probably going to suit you much better, whereas a single person can get away with just the basics for a while.

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